Store77 2 Pcs Chili Corer Remover Or Slice Off Vegetable Tool For Kitchen

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1.2Pieces jalapeno pepper corer core deseeder stainless steel chili corer remover with serrated slice and stainless steel handle seed remover or slice off vegetables tops for kitchen barbecue
2.The chili corers are all in stainless steel with spiral and serrations, high hardness, easy to remove core and easy cleaning. It helps you prepare a dinner rapidly and save your time greatly. It is an essential tool for cutting chili, peppers, jalapenos and the bell peppers.
3.Convenient to clean and store:
Stainless steel chili corer remover are characterized by smooth surfaces, easily avoid food residues lingering on them, can be easily washed by hands in warm water or by dishwashers, take less effort any more. There is a hanging hoop design at the back of the pepper core remover, you can hang them for storage conveniently.
4.Multi-functional corer remover tools: this core deseeder is a practical accessory to removes the core seeds and cuts off the top, help you quickly fill the pepper, such as cream, cheese and more; It helps you prepare a dinner rapidly and make the treatment of each vegetable is clean, complete and fast
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