Connectwide 2 In 1 Silicone Stop & Filter Drainer (Random)

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1.HIGH QUALITY: The central button can drain and block hair. Both drainage and prevent water flow. Press the button, it can leak and cut off the hair, convenient to adjust bath water temperature, water after washing is convenient operation keep clean bath crock. Just Gently Press, Can Be Drained. It was too flexible!
2.UNIQUE DESIGN: The sucker can be firmly fixed in the bathtub on the floor of the bathtub, and this general plug can be used by hollow design for all the bathtub and sink drainage, bathroom, kitchen, laundry
3.MULTI-FUNCTION: This is a waterproof and odor proof floor drain cover, so you can enjoy the fresh air at home. Its Central slightly raised anti-clogging to effective dispersion of water, and clear the drain, so you no longer worry about blocking of drain. When you closed drainage, its adsorption more stringent, convergence closely to avoid odor distribution, Isolated odor, clean and sanitary. And it is easy to clean, easy to care, you just simply wipe or wash it with mild soap.
HOW IT WORKS Press the center of button, the edge will fold up and allow water to pass through, press the edge, it can close the valve. You can quickly be switching the pool by press it
4.EASY TO CLEAN: it is deodorant, easy to clean and move. You can wash bathtub drain stopper easily by warm water or soap.
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