Sheejai Plastic Lock & Seal Lunch Box, (Transparent)

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1.Each order contain two lock n seal lunch box.both lunch box comes with inner small box.
2.One is 800 ml with inner container 125 ml and another is 550 ml with inner container 100 ml.small container inside each lunch used to carry dahi, dry and wet vegetables
3.It is BPA proof. is microwave safe. is freezer safe , dishwasher safe, 100% leak resistant
6.Ideal for uses of school as well as college and also at home for storage of food materia
7.Dimensions of each lunch box 800 ml length = 20 cm breath = 12 cm height = 5 cm . And in 550 ml length = 17 cm breath = 12 cm height = 5 cm..One spoon fork is also available with each box
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