Pankhudi Ubtan Powder for Face & Body Scrub - 100g

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Pankhudi Dulhan Special Ubtan Powder for Face & Body Scrub Fairness, Tanning & Glowing Skin
Ubatan - the beauty secret of old-fashioned queens, courtiers, women and brides - is a paste made of herbs, oils, natural powders and extracts.
Ubatan are traditional Ayurvedic beauty and wellness dishes meant to rejuvenate skin, body and mind.
Pankhudi Ubtan is 100% Natural and herbal product from company rose milan industries, It is traditionally made with natural ingredients which are Turmeric powder,Sandalwood powder,Milk powder,Rose powder.
This is bridal special ubutan powder which can be used for bridal turmeric rasam and wedding occasion or anyone can use it to show their natural beauty in this wedding season. The best quality, chemical free natural products in this chemical and modern era at the lowest possible . Face and body scrub helps to make your skin smooth and soft. It helps protect the skin from environmental damage, in the process of skin renewal. Suitable for all skin types, this face and body scrub can be used to restore the skin's natural glow and elasticity.
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