It'S SKIN Power 10 Formula VC Effector Ampoule Face Serum 30ml

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It'S SKIN is the first brand in South Korea to bind the concept of cosmetics with medicine. With skin care knowledge accumulated over decades, It'S SKIN presents its products for all ages and all skin types and promises the best results for beautiful silky skin that every woman dreams of.V'itamin 'C' - It'S SKIN's VC Effector Serum contains vitamin C, a vital nutrition component for glowing smooth skin. This serum not only provides nutrition to the skin but also replenishes it with moisture.Trouble-Shooting: Extremely Dry Skin, Rough and Dull Skin due to Lack of Nutrition - We recommend the VE Effector Serum to those who have rough, dehydrated skin that is in need of urgent replenishment of nutrition and moisture. Recommended Skin Types = Dry SkinPRIORITY OF USAGE: 8 - When using multiple types of It'S SKIN Power 10 Foruma Effector Serums in your skin care routine, apply the serums in ascending number order
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