Combo Pack of Coffee Face Wash (100 ml) and Papaya Bleach Cream (43 g)

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Beleza Professional SKIN WHITENING MOISTURIZER deeply nourish and hydrates your skin and along with that it protects from sun with SPF 15 and gradually whitens skin. It is enriched with the Goodness of Peach Extract , Argan oil and Alpha Arbutin which repair natural collagen production of skin making it Naturally Soft, Smooth and Glowing on the other hand BELEZA PROFESSIONAL ANTI AGEING FACE WASH with DIAMOND DUST & VITAMIN E comes with a 3 in 1 function. one- it deeply cleans all impurities from skin ,Two- Vitamin E nourishes skin and add a natural glow ,Three- Diamond dust brightens skin tone and fights signs of Ageing.
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