Sheejai Plastic Manual Handy Dori Chopper With 5 Steel Blades

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1.HAND CHOPPER - Made from unbreakable ABS plastic for long-lasting use, Material: Polypropylene (PP).Sturdy 3-blade design made from Stainless Steel, As this chopper can be opened and detached easily, cleaning is an easy task using lukewarm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth.
2.HAND BLENDER - Material & Content: The wavy blade mechanism is made of high quality stainless steel meaning hot liquids are not a problem, and the durable blades will withstand years of frequent use and ABS plastic body is lifelong durable. Power: No electricity is required, Hand operated power free hand blender.
3.Unique string function to chop vegetables and fruits with ease. Eco-friendly design, no electricity required, Convenient and Easy Handling.
You get best results when the blender and chopper will get easily cleaned right away, when everything washes off easily and without trying to get into small Services
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