Connectwide 1 Pair Flat Feet Orthotic Arch Support Silicone Forefoot Cushions Pads

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1.SHOCK ABSORBING METATARSALGIA PADS - Maintain your style without pain with foot pads that provide silicone padding. Foot pads for shoes make uncomfortable shoes comfortable & wearable our ball of foot pads is soft and cushioning like walking on marshmallows.
2.LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD – We all want to look great in our high heels, but we know it can come at a price. The sexier the heels the more our feet are in agony. With our amazingly soft, gel based, and cloth covered high heel inserts we can finally enjoy our day free from pain.
3.INSTANT RELIEF – Whether you’re at the office, dancing the night away, or out shopping with your girlfriends, our shoe inserts will give you the protection you need.
4.FEEL LIKE YOU ARE WALKING ON CLOUDS – Enjoy every step you take with confidence and comfort. Now you can wear all your favorite heels all day or night without worry.
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