Fruit Plant Multi Purpose Kitchen Tool Masher| Fork| Mesh Cutter| Bowl|

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1.It is a very compact device and is so portable, you can carry it with you to your picnics or even to work places to give you the comfort of all the good things you keep in the kitchen.Super Portable Super Trendy Light Weight & Easy to Carry Metallic Cutting and & Grinding Tools Super Good Looking. At first glance, the Fruits Plant looks like a toy that children can pretend to water and fertilize but have nothing really happen. Because, you know, it's a toy. Well, your kids can actually do that, but this little plastic contraption can actually do so much more. A multi-part manual kitchen tool, the artificial plant can actually break apart into 10 different tools that you can use for a variety of jobs in the kitchen.And since it looks like a decorative plant, you can simply keep it in a window sill next to your Modern Sprout Planter for storage, saving you some crucial space in otherwise crowded drawers and cabinets
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