Aroma Aina Aloevera Massage Cream With Active Aloevera Extracts & VitE Oil 200ml

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Aroma Aina Aloevera Massage Cream

Aroma Aina Aloevera Massage Cream


Aroma Aina Aloevera Massage Cream With Active Aloevera Extracts & VitE Oil 200ml


Aloe vera is at the top of our ingredient alphabet for good reason. First you can break an aloe plant off and apply directly to the skin. Now imagine what that soothing potential can for your skin. Its moisturizing properties are amazingly natural helpers for dry or damaged skin. Flaking, caused by dry skin, can also be reduced and replaced with softer looking skin.


Moisturizing daily skin care for dry, fragile & sensitive skin.

Promote skin moisture & hydration.

Almond, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, fight premature wrinkles & fine lines.

Useful in minor skin problems .

A good substitute for skin cleanser, massage cream & make up remover lotion.


Take 2-3 tablespoon of cream in your hands and then add a few drops of water to it.
Rub the mixture gently and then apply it all over your face in stroking movements.
Lift your jaw in the upwards direction and hold it firmly.
 Massage the chin in clockwise and then anti-clockwise directions for 1-2 minutes.
 Cream massage the sides of your nose with your thumb in clockwise and anti-clockwise movements.
Then repeat the same for the area under eyes. But here you have to be a bit careful as the skin under the eyes is very soft and also
cream should not enter your eyes.
Pick up the eyebrows with your fingers as this is a very relaxing movement.
 Then massage the middle of your eyebrows (celestial eye) with your fingers with gentle strokes.
This is a relaxing stroke as it will release all your tensions and stress.
Now go for a face massage for a few minutes in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
 Finally go for a massage with light rocking movement of the fingers all over the face.
 This kind of facial massage is very good as it will activate all the muscles of the face.
Now facial massage does not mean the face only. Cream massage the neck with easy clockwise and anti-clockwise directions for a minute or two.
 If your face hasn't soak all the cream then gently pat it dry with a wet tissue.
 These are a few easy steps of a cream face massage.
Try it and see the benefits of a massage on face.



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