About Us

Dikazo - Inspire the inspired “India’s Next Level Online Shopping

Being a CEO of this Company Dikazo Solutions Pvt Ltd.

A little info about us. A company of team members/partners with one vision and direction to inspire the people with Dikazo who are already inspired by the existing market. 

Dikazo has been started a long time ago working with many sectors to fulfill every customer's requirements. As a customer, we thought about them and understood them to build for them a brand as no other company has within the souls of customers, it is now, the time to show them that Dikazo is a new inspiration for buyers and sellers with high-quality products and fewer margins/profits.

Dikazo Company aims to provide good quality branded products. Dikazo caters to the fashion needs of men, women, kids, footwear, apparel, jewelry, and accessories, etc…

Dikazo itself is a pure Brand. 

My Message to our customers...

Our Vision:

Dikazo is a web start-up with limited resources, but it aligns all its strategies keeping in mind the following visions:

To make Dikazo available all over India.

To be the largest indigenous E-commerce portal in India.

Helping people for strengthening their lives.

Inspiring people who are already inspired by today's E-commerce companies.

Every customer is our Dikazo family.

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to provide an online platform where people can shop for multiple products and groceries along with doorstep delivery. Dikazo taps the unattended needs of the people who do not find traditional trading convenient due to many unavoidable reasons. Our foremost mission is to provide convenience to the customers followed by the best value for money backed by quality and satisfaction. Where people can buy products with genuine trust.